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A note from the resident Tea People t(w)ea-ter...
Anja Nielsen - Tea People Volunteer

It may seem a bit strange: a 23-year-old who works full-time in London and endures a four hour round trip commute, volunteering to do Social Media for a tea company. In fact, put it that way and the question of time seems to arise. How on earth does she fit this work in? you may ask, and Why?

It's  simple enough really, how I make it all work. It's because I want to.

But volunteering for Tea People isn't about the fantastic opportunities I get to try different teas, or the fact that I'm able to follow along with the day-to-day growth of this small but mighty Social Enterprise. What makes me find the time (and it is only a few hours a week, truth be told), is the vital work that Tea People do in Darjeeling. The schools that every cuppa helps to build are the reason I asked to be a part of the organisation, and the reason I continue to make time for this work. Every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed and I share the Tea People belief that this is only possible through equal access to quality education. We raise our mugs, together, to achieve this goal.

It also makes it quite simple to find time when Vishaka, Neeraj and the rest of the Tea People family are such genuinely lovely people.

So put together delicious tea, great colleagues and the opportunity to be part of an organisation that is making a real difference in the lives of some of the poorest children in the world and that question of time, well, disappears. Instead I find myself asking Why wouldn't I do this

I love being a part of the Tea People family, and I hope you do too. Happy drinking everyone!



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