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Giving Back

Giving Back

At Tea People, we consider the tea growing communities as our key stakeholders and so use our profits to fund social projects within those communities.

How do we make a difference?

Our overall vision is to eliminate poverty in tea growing regions and we aim to achieve this by focussing our social efforts in the following areas:



We believe that education is a great leveller and proper education can go a long way in lifting not just the individuals, but entire communities. We are therefore offering access to better educational facilities and infrastructure to the children of tea workers so that they can have access to equal opportunities and be instrumental in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.



Working in a tea garden is extremely labour intensive. Tea workers endure tremendous physical hardship without proper nutrition which gives rise to various health complications. Moreover, most tea gardens are extremely isolated and located far away from nearest towns or cities. Due to this access to proper healthcare is limited. We are hence offering medical treatment, supplies and general healthcare to tea workers and their families.


Women Empowerment

Extreme poverty gives rise to a plethora of other social issues such as sex trafficking, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse. Many of these can be addressed by empowering the women in the communities and helping them become self-sufficient. We are therefore offering education, enterprise and skills training and financial support to the most vulnerable within the tea growing communities.

New Leaf Trust is our sister charity and delivery partner for our social projects. It is a UK-based charity that delivers the projects on our behalf by partnering with other local charities and NGOs and deploying whatever other resources as may be necessary to implement the projects.