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Share the Love with Tea for V-Day

A lot of people say that Valentine’s Day is a gimmicky holiday, one that is solely advertised for the point of, well, advertising. A Hallmark Holiday, as it’s known in the United States, emphasizing the commercialized nature that most consider Valentine’s Day to have.

But here at Tea People we have another way of thinking about it.

February is cold, dark, and often sprinkled with rain and snow. The days are short and the time seems long before the warmth and hope of summer is finally upon us again. So that’s where this holiday comes in.

Valentine’s Day is a chance to escape the dreary depths of February for just one day, dedicating the whole 24 hours to the one you love. It brings warmth, happiness and affection to an otherwise difficult time of year. And we think that’s a holiday worth celebrating!

Part of modern Valentine’s Day has always been to give gifts to your partner, often in the form of chocolates and roses. This year, however, we’re going to be amplifying the warmth of this special day by yes, giving chocolate and roses, but giving them in the form of tea. Nothing warms the heart and soul quite like feeling the love and smelling the aroma of a steaming mug of Choco Mint Rooibos (and our twea-ter certainly knows that, as it’s her favourite!). And there’s nothing quite like a Coconut Rose Green when you’re curled up together after a nice dinner. Chocolate, roses, and warmth: the perfect combination.

So Valentine’s Day may be a bit commercialized, and it may be a chance for shops to sell a bit more of this and that, but it’s also a chance to reflect on how wonderful your partner is and an invitation to express your love. And in this cold, gloomy month of February, that’s just what we need.

Well, that and a good cuppa tea.

Lots of Love,

The Tea People Family

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