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Happy Mother's Day!

By Anja Nielsen, Volunteer at Tea People


I love my mum.

She’s a beautiful, wonderful, strong, and incredibly wonderful woman. I love my dad too of course, but as it’s Mother’s Day, I’ll focus on the woman who gave me life.

And I suppose that is where this all began, with my mother giving birth to me. Nine pound little (well, actually rather large) me, with all the screaming and the crying that a good old fashioned birth brings. Except that I came out quite quickly; my parents always joke that I popped out just in time for tea. Even then, I knew the importance of a good cuppa in the afternoon.

But my birth is far from where my mother’s role ended. In fact, it grew and expanded, and continues to do so now (even as she lives an ocean away). My mum is my rock, my foundation. She’s the shoulder that will always take my tears, she’s the laugh that will always join me in celebration. And, increasingly, I get to fulfill a bit of that role for her as well. As I mature, so does our relationship, to the point where I can start to return her ever-ready support.

Today I raise my mug to my mother, and to all the mothers out there; the hard-workers, the nappy-changers, the 24/7 on-call emergency services. The women who are there through thick and thin and who can always find that shoe you’re missing, just in time to get you to school. I salute you, ladies, and I hope to one day be just like you.

A big thank you to my, and every, mother from the Tea People family. You make this world the wonderful place that it is.

Lots of love,

Anja and the Tea People family

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