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Pine Needle - Limited Edition Loose Herbal Tea



Mild Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

Pine needle tea is created from the needles of a special pine tree, the Eastern Pine or Pinus strobus.

Native North Americans drank tea made from pine needles for centuries to both prevent illness and to treat coughs and colds and introduced European settlers to pine needle tea as a way to combat scurvy, a deadly disease caused by Vitamin C deficiency.

Historians also believe that Taoist priests have consumed pine needle tea for centuries for its healing properties and because they believed it slowed the aging process.

Pine needle tea is almost colourless, and has a very mild aroma and grassy fragrance with a hint of citrus.

It is rich in Vitamin C and in Vitamin A, an antioxidant beta-carotene which is important for vision, hair and skin regeneration and the production of red blood cells.

The tea is also a mild diuretic, so it can have a beneficial effect on the kidneys. The tea has decongestive and disinfectant effects on the respiratory system, often reducing and soothing throat irritation and inflamed bronchi.


Pure foliage of Pinus strobus

How to enjoy this tea

Steep 1 to 2 tsp per cup for 12-15 mins in 95-100° C water

Caffeine content


Limited Edition!

If pine needle tea is your thing, get this quick while stocks last! This product will not be re-stocked.