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Cherry Black - Loose Black Tea

8 Reviews


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Finest black tea with sweet cherry aroma

This Great Taste Award winning tea is a premium black tea flavored with the naturally sweet aroma of cherries along with added health benefits of cranberries and blackberry leaves. Dried rose and safflower petals add a floral touch to the tea along with enhancing the appearance of the magical concoction.

According to the Great Taste judges, 'An appealing, well-made tea, attractive with the rose petals. The infusion yields marzipan notes, with cherry and blackberry notes in abundance. The sweetness complements the almondy notes. A well balanced blend.'


Black tea, Blackberry leaves, Rose & Safflower petals, Cranberry pieces and Natural flavors

How to enjoy this tea

Steep 1tsp per cup for 3-4 mins in 95-100° C water.

Caffeine content

Approx between 27- 35mg per cup