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A Mixed Bag - Starter Pack of 16 Tea Envelopes

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A selection of 16 individually wrapped tea pyramids of 8 different teas (2 teabags per tea) in attractive gift box:

1. Everyday English Breakfast - A robust blend of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan black teas (Great Taste Award winner)

2. Earl Grey - A blend of finest black teas infused with Italian bergamot and orange flowers for enhanced 'citrusy' flavour (Great Tast Award winner)

3. Bombay Chai - A dark blend of black teas from Assam infused with traditional Indian spices to give you the flavour of traditional Indian 'chai'

4. Organic Gunpowder Green - Single estate green tea from an Organic farm in Sri Lanka full of vegetal, earthy and misty flavours.

5. Lemon Ginger Green - A refreshing blend of light green Chinese Sencha with zesty lemon and slight ginger notes.

6. Organic Turmeric Chai - Invigorating herbal blend with the aromatic goodness of turmeric perfectly blended with chai spices to create a caffeine free healthy experience (Great Taste winner)

7. Peppermint Tea - Caffeine free, refreshing infusion with menthol aroma from the highest quality peppermint leaves.

8. Moringa Passion Fruit - Mouthwatering caffeine free fruit tea bursting with the goodness of Moringa and tanginess of Passion Fruit (Great Taste Award winner)