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Jasmine Green - Green Tea Pyramids

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Premium Green tea from China infused with Jasmine blossoms

White jasmine flowers picked in May have the most intense fragrance. Imagine the aroma and romance created when fine Chinese green teas are mixed with these flowers. This is how our Green Jasmines are created. And some of these flowers are left in to add to the mystical beauty of the tea. A light tea with the fragrance of Jasmine, suitable for any time of day when you want to relax. It will transport you back to a summer garden wherever you are.

Our Jasmine Green is a Great Taste Award winner and here's what the Great Taste judges said about this tea - 'A bold leaf with a small smattering of jasmine flowers. The character is a little heavy on the green tea, with jasmine delivering some fragrance, though not as abundantly as we hoped. Crisp and clean, however, and sound.'


Green tea and Jasmine petals


Fujian Province, China where this tea is grown at an altitude of 1500ft.

How to enjoy this tea

Steep a pyramid teabag per cup for 2-3 mins in 70-80° C water.

Caffeine content

Approx 20mg per cup