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Case Studies

Queen's favourite tipple turned into a tea

Harvey Nichols: the luxury British department store chain wanted to create a special celebratory tea to mark the Queen's 90th birthday. Since the favourite pre lunch drink of Her Highness is Gin and Dubonnet they asked us if we could give this a bit of a twist and re-create the Queen's favourite tipple as a unique tea blend.

We accepted the challenge and despite the recipe of Dubbonet being a company secret, our master blender Vishaka, who has been gifted with an exceptional nose managed to create a tea blend which had a very uncanny resemblance in taste and aroma to the real deal.

We then packaged the tea in a special commemorative tin. This tea was sold by Harvey Nichols at all their food halls and online store as special edition "Royal-Tea" and also served as part of a special Royal themed Afternoon Tea in their cafes and brasseries across the UK.

Afternoon tea for a high street fashion brand

Oasis: Tea People was commissioned by Oasis, the high street retail chain to create a new tea blend to mark the launch of their fashion range in collaboration with award winning ceramic designer Peter Ting. This was a vital part of their "afternoon tea" marketing campaign to attract more customers to experience and buy the Peter Ting "Flutter" range.

We created a new blend called the 'Oriental Garden Green Tea'. The tea was blended keeping in mind Peter Ting's hummingbirds, vibrant and colourful while also celebrating womankind, her beauty and kindness. We even created a bespoke packaging for them with designs to match their "Flutter" range for their bespoke tea. This tea was distributed at several large Oasis stores around the UK and was very well received by their visitors and customers.

An array of unique blends in stylish sustainable packaging

Spiral Tea: Founded by Francesca Raffa, a London based herbalist, Reiki Master & Meditation teacher, Spiral Tea is the culmination of the founder's passion for art, culture and health. Francesca approached us with an idea to create a range of teas to celebrate the cultures of Japan, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the UK. She knew what she wanted. However putting the idea into fruition required a lot of research and patience. We revised and re-revised the recipes to make sure they truly represented the countries they were meant to while also tasting delicious at the same time.

Once the blends were finalised, we proceeded to assist with the packaging. As the packaging needed to be sustainable and yet stylish, we went for cardboard tubes for the outer packaging and plastic-free 'natureflex' bags for the inners. With the finished product, Spiral tea was able to launch in the market with a very professional and high quality product that is doing very well.

Tea People in Antarctica

Polar Latitudes is an expedition company that takes passengers to Antarctica on a very comfortable expedition ship. Due to the increasing number of Chinese passengers booking with them, they were looking for an EU-based partner to create cans of loose leaf tea for the Chinese customers to buy in their gift shop.

We worked very closely with them in trying to understand their requirements, the customer profile, target price, etc. and came up with our recommendations for the correct teas from our extensive list, pack sizes and packaging. Our lovely designer then created some stunning artwork for their labels keeping the target audience in mind. These teas are now a hit with their Chinese customers.

Tea gifts for a list of global clients

Indus Net Technologies is an award-winning, global digital service company that is based out of India with clients all over the world. In September 2013, they completed 16 years of their foundation and to mark the occasion they wanted to send a very special gift to their clients scattered across the globe. They ended up choosing our special edition Darjeeling Queen which we packed in an attractive gift box along with a bespoke card especially designed for them.

This proved very popular with their clients and we have been working with them ever since offering them gifts in different formats for different occasions depending on their requirements.

Tea blenders turned oil blenders

Castrol, the British global brand of industrial and automotive lubricants came to us with a very unusual request. They wanted us to conduct some bespoke tea blending sessions for their international guests. It took us a bit of probing to fully understand their requirements. We found that since it was not possible for them to take their guests to their oil blending facilities they were looking for alternative ways of educating their guests on this core competency of theirs.

We did an extensive research on oil blending and finally came up with a solution that included a completely bespoke hands-on tea blending session drawing parallels with oil blending and a commemorative Castrol blend. The programme was such a big success that Castrol decided to take it worldwide.

Bakers join hands with Tea makers

Bakedln is a home baking kit company whose products are sold in thousands of shops and online retailers in the UK, Europe and North America. They wanted to launch an Afternoon Tea Baking Hamper to coincide with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration. So they approached us with a request to create a special tea blend that they could include in the hamper. They wanted the tea to be unique to them, one that would go well with a slice of cake and could be had with or without milk.

Also, they wanted the entire project to be a collaboration between the two companies and were really keen to showcase the fact that the tea they were offering to their customers was indeed special and was created by the best in the business.

We hence ended up creating a blend of premium Assam and Darjeeling teas in biodegradable pyra-mid teabags packed in compostable 'natureflex' inners and a co-branded outer cardboard box.