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Liquorice Mint Toffee - Loose Herbal Tea

22 Reviews


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Caffeine free herbal tea with vanilla

A Great Taste winner, this guilt free treat that can also soothe a sore throat. The taste of all the components comes in stages. The first to strike is the freshness of mint, followed by the sweet warmth of liquorice and the final finish is the luxurious taste of toffee.

According to the Great Taste judges, "This smells like a humbug! There is a definite aroma of toffee and mint but no noticeable liquorice. In the flavour however there is a distinct sweetness and mouthfeel from the liquorice. The mint leads in flavour followed by the liquorice and then leaves a fresh menthol aftertaste."


Liquorice root pieces, peppermint leaves and vanilla extract

How to enjoy this tea

Steep 1tsp per cup for 4-6 mins in 95-100° C water

Caffeine content