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Genmaicha - Loose Green Tea

18 Reviews


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Premium Japanese Green tea with roasted brown rice

This unique Great Taste Award winning tea from Japan is a blend of green Sencha and roasted brown rice. It has a unique savory flavour and a baked rice aroma providing a perfect balance between the roasted aroma of brown rice and refreshing after-taste of the green tea. According to the Great Taste judges "there's a good baked rice note here along with some freshness from the tea. The sweetness is in harmony with the flavours, which are in good balance."


Premium Sencha Green tea and Roasted brown rice


Uji region, Japan

How to enjoy this tea

Steep a tsp per cup for 3-4 mins in 85-90 deg; C water. Best had without milk.

Caffeine content

Approx 20mg per cup