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Tea People Tin Caddy - 125g (Various colours)

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Metal canister to store your favourite Tea People tea

These metal tin caddies are made from food safe materials and are ideal for storing your favourite Tea People tea. They are perfect as display jars for cafes, delis, restaurants, etc. and for home to store all your favourite teas.

Just select the right colour and put down the name of the tea in the box and we will apply the label for you.

Key features

  • Additional inner lid to keep the tea fresh for a longer time.
  • The opacity of the tin protects the tea inside from deterioration caused by exposure to sunlight. 
  • Food grade, air tight, smell proof.




9 cm diameter x 12.7 cm height


Upto 125g of regular tea or 25 to 30 pyramid teabags

These are empty tin caddies sold without any tea