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Japanese Hojicha - Limited Edition Loose Green Tea

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Premium Pan Roasted Japanese Green tea

Despite its brownish appearance, Hojicha is another great Green tea from Japan. It is brown because its processing requires it to be roasted in a high temperature in a porcelain pot after the oxidation has been stopped (by boiling the green tea leaves). Compared to traditional green tea, which has been around for thousands of years, hojicha is a relative newcomer to the tea scene and is said to have debuted in 1920s Kyoto. Apparently, the aroma of the roasted concoction was so inviting, it brought passers-by into the shops.

You will notice this Hojicha has a twiggy bright brown appearance rather than a leafy one. This is because our Hojicha is produced from the stems of high grade tea leaves, known as karigane which accentuates the flavours to a deeply sweet and distinctly roasted flavour with hints of cocoa. Any bitterness also gets removed from the green tea leaves when roasted.

Caffeine levels are very low in Hojicha (around 7 to 8mg per cup) compared to normal teas (30-35mg per cup for black tea). They can thus be safely consumed at any time of the day.


Premium Green tea


Uji region, Japan

How to enjoy this tea

Steep a tsp per cup for 3-4 mins in 90-95 deg; C water. Best had without milk.

Caffeine content

Approx 7 to 8mg per cup

Limited Edition!

Don't miss out on this unique green tea. Only available whilst stocks last!