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Blueberry Black - Limited Edition Flavoured Black Leaf Tea

4 Reviews


Premium black tea bursting with the flavour of Blueberries

Premium Ceylon tea with fruity and subtle malty notes flavoured with naturally sweet aroma of blueberries.

The look of the tea has been enhanced with whole blueberries and blue cornflower.

The brew itself is smooth and perfectly sweet and warming. Can be enjoyed both as a hot tea and a cold tea.


Premium Black Tea, Blueberries, Natural Flavours & Cornflower petals

How to enjoy this tea

Steep 1tsp per cup for 3-4 mins in 95-100° C water.

Caffeine content

Approx between 27- 35mg per cup

Limited Edition!

Don't miss out! Once this fruity flavoured black tea is gone, that's it.