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Single Estate Tea

Single Estate Tea

"Single estate" refers to any tea that comes from only one tea estate or garden, as opposed to being a blend from various estates. Single Estate Tea is unblended. These teas tend to have unique characteristics particular to that estate for that season. Like fine wines, they will vary somewhat from year to year. Single estate tea can be identified by the name of the estate, such as "Makaibari" or "Bannockburn," that will appear in the name of the tea.People who have tried our single estate teas describe it as a revealing taste experience - similar to savouring a top of the range chateau bottled wine.

Our featured Tea Estates


Makaibari Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Located at an altitude of around 4700ft in the small town of Kurseong in the district of Darjeeling, Makaibari tea estate is one of the few Fair Trade certified Organic tea estate producing some of the finest teas that you can find. It's Silver Tips tea is considered to be one of the most expensive tea in the world. 

Makaibari follows a form of integrated forest management called permaculture where the tea bush is part of a multi-tier system of trees and plants typical of a sub-tropical rainforest, as opposed to a monoculture--a farm that grows only one crop. 

It serves as a home and livelihood for a community of around 1500 people from seven different villages. Makaibari has taken several initiatives to empower women and the community and is the first tea garden in Darjeeling to appoint a woman supervisor in this male dominated industry.


Mancotta Tea Estate, Assam

Mancotta Tea Estate is set in the outskirts of Dibrugarh, the Camellia Town of Upper Assam. Unlike many other tea estates in Assam, Mancotta is a 100% orthodox garden and is Rainforest Alliance certified. It produces some of the finest Assam teas and follows sustainable farming practices. 

Mancotta is also a unique tourism destination. It prides itself in having one of the most spectacular heritage tea bungalows of upper Assam from the times of the British Raj. The walls of this centuries old structure reverberates the treasured history and contribution that each manager made towards the estate and passed on to the next.

It's a perfect hide away from the hustle bustle of the hectic city life and a must visit if you ever plan to be in that part of the world! 

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