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MSK School Sonada


MSK School is a small community run school located in the foothills of the Himalayas within the tea growing region of Darjeeling. They cater to the children of tea garden workers and other poor people in the area. Most children studying there are from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. There are children who are full time carers to their sick or elderly parents and others who have to walk several kilometres everyday just to get to the school.

How We Made a Difference

We came across this school in 2009 when it was in dire need of some urgent repairs, toilets, furniture and teaching aids. They also needed sports equipment, musical instruments, books, etc. The list was endless. However we decided to start off with some of their most urgent needs and raised the necessary funds to address those. We joined hands with the Rotary Club of Darjeeling who agreed to be our project implementation partners. With their support, we have helped them with all the repairs. No more leaking classrooms. Yay! The school building has been extended to add two new rooms, which means the children don't have to share their class with another year group. We provided them with three laptops and the Rotary Club added another desktop and a printer. The kids have now started to learn computers and are extremely excited about this new window to the world.


As a result of all the support provided by Tea People, the staff and the students have gained confidence and have been able to access a government scheme for the construction of toilets. They have also started to receive free midday meal for all the students. We are really happy for MSK School and will continue to update on further progress in the school.