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Sleep - Wellness Tea Envelopes



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Caffeine Free Herbal Tea in individually wrapped pyramid teabags

This Great Taste Award winning tea is a perfect formulation blended with herbs and flowers to help you unwind and prepare you for a deep uninterrupted sleep that leaves you refreshed.

The tea smells of roses which is known to have aroma therapeutic properties promoting calm and peace and it is easy on the palate satisfying late night cravings.

Each ingredient has been chosen with care and is proven to promote sleep and well-being in an individual.

Here are some comments from the Great Taste judges:

"A very attractive looking mix of herbs with good size rose petals. The rose aroma came through on the dried mix, but was lost when infused as the other herbs dominated the overall flavour. Delightful straw colour with clarity. The flavour is deliciously gentle and easy to drink.

A very attractive dried mix - visually very appealing with gorgeous petals of rose and whole herbs. The mix is not dusty at all. The nose of the dried herbs is aromatic, sweet and earthy with elements of hay and meadow. Sweet and grassy and almost fermented. Reminds us of the countryside in the height of summer. Once infused the liquid is the colour of amber with a green tinge. As you sip it develops on the palate and takes you on a journey of rose, hay, hemp with bitter notes of hops and then a finish of light rose. A delicious infusion, well deserving of a star."


Hemp, St John's wort, Passion flower, Hops, Valerian, Rose petals and Rose oil

How to enjoy this tea

Steep 1 tea pyramid per cup for 4-6 mins in 95-100° C water