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700ml Forlife Curve Teapot (various colours)

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Trendy teapot with extra fine stainless steel tea infuser suitable for 3 persons

This trendy teapot from Forlife comes with an extra-fine 0.3 mm stainless-steel tea infuser and permanently attached hinged lid for easy use. The extra-fine infuser enables you to steep fine loose-leaf teas such as Rooibos tea to large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea. Just take the infuser out once the tea is brewed to your desired strength. This teapot can also be used with tea bags.

Product Dimension:

L 20.3 cm x W 13.3 cm x H 13.9 cm

Product Weight:



With a capacity to hold 700ml/24oz of liquid, this teapot is ideal for brewing 3 standard sized mugs of tea. 


BASKET INFUSER :Stainless Steel

- Dishwasher-safe
- Heat resistant up to 120°C/240°F
- Condensed extra fine holes to circulate the tea efficiently
- The infuser comes with a handle to help you easily remove it once the tea is brewed

LID : Lead-free High-fired Ceramic and Silicone

- The silicone gasket on the lid secures it while in use
- Dishwasher-safe

POT : Lead-free High-fired Ceramic

- Dishwasher-safe
- Microwaveable

Care Instruction & Warning

- Do not lift the pot by the Lid.
- Use caution when handling hot water.
- Use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stain.