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Flowering Tea Gift Box - Pack of 9 Tea Balls

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A selection of 9 individually wrapped flowering tea balls in an attractive chocolate style gift box:

1. Rosy Dreams: Delicate green tea leaves gently cradle rose and hibiscus flowers which unfurl turning the water red upon brewing.

2. Jasmine and Lily: Hand tied green tea leaves unfurl upon brewing to unveil a jasmine and lily duo delicately perched together

3. Golden Garland: The tea ball blossoms to expose a garland of golden calendulas moving restlessly in a forest of delicate green tea

4. Oriental Beauty: The delicate green tea leaves unpack to reveal Golden calendula with a swaying single string of jasmine

5. Spring Bloom: As the green tea leaves unfurl you can see the lily bloom while the fragrant Osmanthus blossoms dramatically spill out

6. Double Happiness: The green tea ball unfurls to present a duo of marigold flowers and globe amaranth with jasmine delicately perched upon it

7. Gold and Silver: A single Golden calendula flower dances upon silver green tea leaves as the hand tied tea balls rehydrate in hot water

8. Shooting Star: The green tea ball opens up to expose a garland of calendula, globe amaranth and jasmine.

9. Lily Garden: The delicate green tea leaves unfurl upon brewing to reveal a garden with Lilies and a wreath of jasmine


Green tea, Jasmine, Calendula, Lily, Rose, Hibiscus, Osmanthus, Marigold, Globe Amaranth and natural flavours



How to enjoy this tea

Steep one tea ball for 3-4 mins in 90 - 95 deg; C water. Do not add milk.

To enjoy the beauty of the flowers unfurl, steep the tea in a clear glass teapot or a large wine glass.

Caffeine content

Approx 15 - 20mg per cup