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Peppermint Tea - Herbal Tea Pyramids

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Refreshing Caffeine Free Herbal Tea in Biodegradable Tea Pyramids
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Peppermint Tea - 2 Pyramid Taster Pack
Peppermint Tea - 15 Pyramid Retail Pack
  • Buy 6 for £4.28 each and save 5%
Peppermint Tea - 20 Pyramid Tin Caddy
  • Buy 6 for £6.37 each and save 5%
Peppermint Tea - 50 Pyramid Refill Pack
Peppermint Tea - 100 Pyramid Small Catering Pack
Peppermint Tea - 400 Pyramid Large Catering Pack
Peppermint Tea - 1000 Pyramid Bulk Bag

This Peppermint tea is a winner of 3 gold stars at the prestigious Great Taste awards. It is a caffeine-free refreshing tea with fresh menthol aroma from the highest quality peppermint leaves. Tastes good hot or cold and is ideal after a meal. 

Here's what the Great Taste judges had to say about this tea:

"A lovely, inviting light brown infusion with great clarity. The fragrance was deliciously camphoraceous and cleared the senses. An intense, fabulous, clean and minty taste with soft cream notes delivered a great mouthfeel and delight to the palate. This infusion has great length.

We could smell the menthol across the table from this powerful, aromatic infusion. Fresh, zingy and mouth cooling to quite a degree. This would wake you up in the morning with no need of caffeine and would brighten anyone's day. Powerful, clean and full on menthol. The coolness on the palate lingered long after our last sip.

Such power in the dried mix aroma - there is no denying it is peppermint!  A rich and clean looking brew with a more mellowed aroma. The bitterness and sharp zing are beautifully balanced, creating a strong flavour with great length with powerful menthol character. We were very impressed with this fresh, clean and characterful peppermint infusion.

A very well-presented, aromatic dry mix with a clear, bright mid-gold liquor with greenish tinge. It has an outstanding cleanliness on the nose and palate. The peppermint comes through beautifully with the characteristic chill and exhilaration of the leaf. It has a lovely weight and balanced quality. A delicious infusion."


Pure peppermint leaves

How to enjoy this tea

Steep 1 tea pyramid per cup for 4-6 mins in 95-100° C water

Caffeine content





Approx. 1000 ft above sea level

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