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ShopBlack Tea
Black tea is the most common type of tea. It has a darker appearance, stronger flavour, and is perfe...
ShopGreen Tea
Green tea is known for its health benefits due to the high level of antioxidants, vitamins, and mine...
ShopWhite Tea
White teas are the least processed of all teas. The mild delicate liquor is very low in caffeine and...
ShopOolong Tea
Somewhere in between black and green Oolong teas produce golden or light brown liquor with a very de...
Types Of Tea
Basic varieties All tea comes from only one plant called Camellia sinensis. However, based on the t...
History Of Tea
The Legend Let us start with the obligatory origin of tea story about how Chinese emperor, Sh...
From Garden To Cup
                   The Plant The journey of tea begins with a plant, Camellia sinensis, a plant w...
About Darjeeling
While we love all tea growing areas and will continue to bring you the finest teas from all ov...
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  1. Desi Masala Chai - Black Loose Tea

    Starting at £2.00

  2. Desi Masala Chai - Loose Tea Taster Pack
  3. Desi Masala Chai - 250g Refill Pack
  4. Desi Masala Chai - 2kg Large Catering Pack
  5. Desi Masala Chai - 125g Tin Caddy
    £8.50 As low as £8.08
  6. Desi Masala Chai - 75g Retail Pack
    £4.95 As low as £4.70
  7. Desi Masala Chai - 500g Small Catering Pack
  8. Tea People Gift Voucher (£15 to £50)

    Starting at £15.00

  9. Tea People Changing Lives - A1 Size Glossy Poster
  10. NEW
    DHPO Darjeeling Teapot - 600ml
    As low as £32.50
  11. Calming Camomile - Loose Herbal Tea

    Starting at £1.50

  12. Organic Camomile - Loose Herbal Tea

    Starting at £1.50

  13. Organic Camomile - Herbal Tea Pyramids

    Starting at £1.80

  14. 400ml Forlife Stump Teapots – For 1
    As low as £24.50 As low as £0.00
  15. 530ml Forlife Stump Teapots – For 2
    As low as £25.50 As low as £0.00
  16. Forlife Tall Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid
    As low as £22.50
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Items 1-16 of 1013

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