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Welcome to our e-shop where you can find over 100 different types of high quality teas and a wide ra...
Shop > Herbal infusions
Herbal infusions are made from plants other than tea. They are mostly caffeine-free, have lots of he...
Shop > Wellness Blends
Wellness teas also knows as functional teas are known thus for their specific health benefits and th...
Shop > Ingredients
Presenting you a selection of herbal ingredients. These can be enjoyed on their own or used to creat...
Bespoke Tea
Personalized for ALL kinds of tea people At Tea People we believe that ‘Tea is What You Make It’. B...
From Garden To Cup
                   The Plant The journey of tea begins with a plant, Camellia sinensis, a plant w...
MSK School Karmatar
            Background Karmatar is a small village in the district of Darjeeling with a populati...
Delivery and returns
Deliveries All items will be delivered by Royal Mail or a parcel courier.    For UK customers We...
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  1. Turkish Apple - Loose Fruit Tea

    Starting at £2.00

  2. IMMUNITY - Loose Wellness Tea

    Starting at £2.00

  3. Yerba Mate - Loose Herbal Tea

    Starting at £1.80

  4. Organic Turmeric Chai - Herbal Tea Envelopes

    Starting at £0.85

  5. Bombay Chai - Black Tea Envelopes

    Starting at £0.70

  6. Kaffir Lime - 800g Large Catering Pack
  7. Kaffir Lime - 200g Small Catering Pack
  8. Kaffir Lime - 100g Refill Pack
  9. Kaffir Lime - 50g Tin Caddy
    £8.50 As low as £8.08
  10. Kaffir Lime - 30g Retail Pack
    £4.99 As low as £4.74
  11. Kaffir Lime - Loose Tea Taster
  12. Jasmine Green - 400 Pyramid Large Catering Pack
  13. Jasmine Green - 100 Pyramid Small Catering Pack
  14. Jasmine Green - 50 Pyramid Refill Pack
  15. Jasmine Green - 20 Pyramid Tin Caddy
    £7.10 As low as £6.75
  16. Jasmine Green - 15 Pyramid Retail Pack
    £4.95 As low as £4.70
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Items 33-48 of 290

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