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Green tea is known for its health benefits due to the high level of antioxidants, vitamins, and mine...
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White teas are the least processed of all teas. The mild delicate liquor is very low in caffeine and...
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Somewhere in between black and green Oolong teas produce golden or light brown liquor with a very de...
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Our Starter Packs not only make a wonderful gift but are an ideal way to try out a variety of our te...
Health Benefits
This ancient elixir is not just a great rejuvenating drink, but has tremendous health benefits...
How To Brew
Fine teas are not just about investing in a good pack of tea from Tea People. In order to enjo...
Types Of Tea
Basic varieties All tea comes from only one plant called Camellia sinensis. However, based on the t...
Tea Growing Regions
While little is known about the exact origin of tea, for centuries China was the only tea exportin...
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  1. Russian Caravan - 500g Small Catering Pack
  2. Russian Caravan - 125g Tin Caddy
    £9.40 As low as £8.93
  3. Russian Caravan - 75g Retail Pack
    £5.50 As low as £5.23
  4. Russian Caravan - Loose Tea Taster Pack
  5. Bombay Chai - Black Tea Pyramids

    Starting at £1.80

  6. Bombay Chai - Loose Black Tea

    Starting at £2.00

  7. Bombay Chai - Black Tea Envelopes

    Starting at £0.70

  8. Smoky Breakfast - 400 Pyramid Small Catering Pack
  9. Smoky Breakfast - 100 Pyramid Small Catering Pack
  10. Smoky Breakfast- 50 Pyramid Refill Pack
  11. Smoky Breakfast - 20 Pyramid Tin Caddy
    £7.10 As low as £6.75
  12. Smoky Breakfast - 15 Pyramid Retail Pack
    £4.95 As low as £4.70
  13. Smoky Breakfast- 2 Pyramid Taster Pack
  14. Red Thunder - 200g Refill Pack
  15. Red Thunder - 100g Tin Caddy
    £10.00 As low as £9.50
  16. Red Thunder - 60g Retail Pack
    £5.85 As low as £5.56
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Items 49-64 of 1013

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