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Our Pyramid Teabags are made of a commercially biodegradable material called 'soilon' deri...
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Our Taster Packs are a good way to try out the teas before buying bigger packs and they also make a ...
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These are one of our most popular pack sizes. The Loose Tea Retail Packs come with 30 to 75g of tea ...
Types Of Tea
Basic varieties All tea comes from only one plant called Camellia sinensis. However, based on the t...
Health Benefits
This ancient elixir is not just a great rejuvenating drink, but has tremendous health benefits...
Bespoke Tea
Personalized for ALL kinds of tea people At Tea People we believe that ‘Tea is What You Make It’. B...
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About these terms These are our Terms and conditions and you should read them carefully as they app...
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  1. Matcha Silver - Powdered Green Tea

    Starting at £3.00

  2. Organic Matcha - Green Powdered Tea

    Starting at £4.95

  3. Matcha Gold- Powdered Green Tea

    Starting at £5.95

  4. Yerba Mate - Loose Herbal Tea

    Starting at £1.80

  5. Pineapple Green with Matcha - Green Tea Pyramids

    Starting at £1.80

  6. Pineapple Green with Matcha - Loose Green Tea

    Starting at £2.00

  7. Blue Matcha - Powdered Herbal Tea

    Starting at £3.00

  8. Matcha Silver- 200g Refill Pack
  9. Matcha Silver - 400g Small Catering Pack
  10. Matcha Silver- 1kg Large Catering Pack
  11. Matcha Silver- 80g Square Tin Caddy
    £19.10 As low as £18.15
  12. Matcha Silver - 30g Small Retail Tin Box
  13. Matcha Silver - Powdered Tea Taster Pack
  14. Organic Matcha - 200g Refill Pack
  15. Organic Matcha - Powdered Tea Taster Pack
  16. Organic Matcha - 1kg Large Catering Pack
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Items 1-16 of 116

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