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Desi Masala Chai - 2kg Large Catering Pack

Desi Masala Chai - 2kg Large Catering Pack

Earl Grey - 2 Pyramid Taster Pack

Earl Grey - 2 Pyramid Taster Pack

Earl Grey - 250g Refill Pack

Premium blend of black tea with classic bergamot flavour


Blend of the finest Assam and Ceylon teas with the choicest Italian bergamot with a sprinkling of Iranian orange blossoms make this a very special cup of earl grey. This Great Taste Award winning Earl Grey tea makes for a very satisfying cup with notes of maltiness perfectly blending with the citrus of the bergamot and floral lingering notes of orange blossom.

"A bright liquor, the tea comes through well (great Assam quality) . The tea is nicely in balance with the citrus notes." Great Taste judges


Premium black tea; Bergamot oil; Orange blossoms.

How to enjoy this tea

Steep 1tsp per cup for 3-4 mins in 95-100° C water. Add milk and sugar to taste if you like or try with a slice of lemon.

Caffeine content

Approx 27-35mg per cup

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