1. Tea People - The Film

    outdoor class in progress

    Tea People, the company was started to address the issue of educational development in the beautiful tea growing region of Darjeeling. As we began working with the schools there and started to speak with the teachers, the students and also some of their family members, we realized that these children, most of whom were in one way or another connected to the tea gardens nearby, had stories that needed to be told.

    We also realized that a lot has already been documented and told about the history and journey of tea and also about some of the tea planters who own or manage the immensely valuable estates. However, not much is known about the tea garden workers who so meticulously pluck the two leaves and the bud that go into our cups creating that golden liquor which we all cherish so much. Their stories are not just stories of their daily struggles, but also of hopes, dreams and aspirations. We felt that telling their stories to the world will not just help generate more support for their cause but also help tea lovers from all over the world establish a direct connection with these real tea people.

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  2. Eggless Matcha Scone Recipe

    Matcha scone

    Here's an amazing eggless Matcha scone that I baked with some help from my 13 year old who is a keen teenager. The goodness of Matcha not just enhanced the taste, but also made me feel less guilty about eating those yummy scones with my afternoon tea :-)

    200g/8oz Self raising flour
    25g/1oz granulated sugar
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    50g/2oz margarine (polyunsaturated if possible)
    1 cup chocolate chips(optional)
    125ml (1/4 pt) cold milk (you can also substitute it with soy milk)
    1 teaspoons Tea People |Matchapowder

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  3. Is Social Entrepreneurship the answer to India’s myriad social challenges?

    According to a recent World Bank report, 1.2bn people are living in extreme poverty across the world, i.e. they earn less than $1.25 per day. Of these a staggering one-third or 400 million are in India. But at the same time India also is home to 55 USD billionaires[i], 16 million classified as rich and around 160 million considered middle class[ii]. The income inequality is huge and is the root cause behind many social ills.

    So, whose problem is it? Those like me, who have grown up in India or lived there for a very long time tend to become immune to the poverty and deprivation all around us. We put the onus entirely on to the government, blame the system and relieve ourselves entirely of any responsibility whatsoever. But given the magnitude of the problem, there’s only so much that the government can do. And if we add to that mix, the inefficiency and corruption that is so rampant in India, there’s not much one can expect from even the very well meaning government initiatives.

    Enter corporate India - with all its might, resources and most importantly the huge pool of talent and passion, and we can only imagine the impact it can make. There are around 1.6 million registered companies and another 26 million unregistered businesses in India[iii]. What if every one of them, big or small, transformed themselves into social businesses and addressed the various social issues in their own way? Well, it’s a bit far-fetched, but just imagine, even if 10% of these, i.e. 2.8 million companies turned into true crusaders and touched 100 lives each, they alone could change the world for 280 million Indians.

    Well, coming back to reality, India’s Rajya Sabha (the Upper House) recently passed a new Companies Bill that would make it mandatory for all companies with over $200m turnover or a net profit of a minimum of $1m to spend at least 2% of their net profit on CSR. This is absolutely laudable and according to analysts, will increase CSR spending of just the top 100 companies alone from $265m currently to $850m and increase the overall CSR spend of corporate India to anything between $3bn to $5bn.

    However, rather than just being driven by a legal mandate, the need of the hour is for every corporate, big or small to take up a social responsibility and have social objectives woven into the very DNA of their existence taking the cue from the emerging breed of social entrepreneurs.

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  4. Why is tea drinking gaining popularity

    By: Vishaka C. Agarwal

    For us at Tea People, tea has always been our favorite beverage. But now it’s officially out…Tea is gaining popularity over all other beverages and is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next only to WATER!!!

    Now the question…why is tea gaining popularity? What is it about tea that makes it so popular? To begin with is the fact that tea is such a healthy drink! All those special extras in tea to keep you younger and healthier longer.… why tea is almost like your veritable water from the fountain of youth! And we have the research to prove it!

    The other reason is the fact that tea is such a social drink and we are very social animals! Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on; when you are feeling low; or a chat with a friend to enjoy a few hours of blissful companionship, or a healer to help you battle those mental or physical ailments, the first question always asked is ”Shall I put the kettle on?” As someone said…’ you always brew a pot of tea-- it is a drink to share’

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