1. Apricot & Peach Iced Tea Latte

    Apricot & Peach Iced Tea Latte
    Apricot & Peach Iced Tea Latte


    We just received our new consignment of teas from Sri Lanka. They have travelled a long way  from the tea gardens to the sea port at Colombo to Felixstowe  port in Britain and finally to us.

    As we opened our teas one by one, we were overwhelmed by the beautiful aromas of the various teas wafting in the air.

    Our Apricot and Peach Ceylon tea reminded us of fresh ripe fruits in  warm sunshine and since we are enjoying a rather warm and sunny spring here, we decided to create an iced tea latte with it. Milk has a way of further bringing out the peach and apricot in this tea and is highly recommended, whether you use this recipe or just want to drink the tea hot.

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  2. Rejuvenating Matcha Ice Cream

    Matcha Ice cream
    Matcha Ice Cream


    Happy Easter Everyone! Great time to watch spring flowers underneath great big trees in the park, little leaves appear on trees, little baby animals being born and follow their mums around, time for rejuvenation! And what better way to rejuvenate yourself than with the superfood antioxidant rich healthiest powdered green tea--Matcha

    Matcha is  very versatile and can be had in different forms; as a tea, in smoothies or as an ingredient to cook with. Today we share with you our very own Gillian's recipe for Matcha Ice Cream. Hope you enjoy making and eating it. And don't forget to share your thoughts. We're on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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  3. Our new packaging - the artist's impressions

    By Maria Amelia Randall


    maria with mural
    Maria Randall with Tea People mural


    Creating an illustration for Tea People’s packaging was a true pleasure. The task of feeling out a mood, message, and brand and trying to create something that will communicate effectively to customers as well as catch the eye and add delight and beauty to a space is exciting and stimulating. It brings together many of my interests and was particularly satisfying because of who Tea People are and how much they care about their cause and the quality of their tea.

    They are people who are passionate about their work and are using profit to invest in the education of children in tea-growing regions. That’s a message that was genuinely exciting to try to communicate through branding design.

    I had already had the pleasure of tasting many of tea people’s excellent teas before becoming a part of the design project, and so once Gillian educated me a bit about what Tea People’s values are, we began to brainstorm images.

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  4. Ceylon Green Mojito Recipe

    By Vishaka Agarwal, Chief Product Officer, Tea People


    Ceylon Green Mohito


    With cold and dark wintry days behind us, it's time to say hello to some warmth and sunshine, and how better to do that than raising a glass of some yummy non-alcoholic iced tea. Here's our first in the series - a Ceylon Green Mojito recipe.

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  5. Creation of our new “Social Enterprise” Packaging

    By Neeraj Agarwal


    100g bag

    Our initial packaging


    For the last few months we have been working on an exciting new project - our retail packaging! When we designed our first packaging a couple of years back, our priority was to come up with something that had low initial cost, kept the tea fresh and was easy to send by post. We hence decided to go for foil-lined kraft paper bags with zip-lock. They were readily available and all we had to do was design some labels.

    This worked well and our brightly coloured labels attracted a lot of attention at the various events that we went to. At the same time, the kraft paper bag communicated the artisan element of the business. However, as we went to more events and bigger trade shows, we started to receive a lot of interest from shops and retailers who were keen stock our teas. Based on all the feedback we got, we decided it was now time for us to move to new packaging - one that would gain us that prized place on the retail shelves.

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  6. Happy Mother's Day!

    By Anja Nielsen, Volunteer at Tea People


    Anja mum

    I love my mum.

    She’s a beautiful, wonderful, strong, and incredibly wonderful woman. I love my dad too of course, but as it’s Mother’s Day, I’ll focus on the woman who gave me life.

    And I suppose that is where this all began, with my mother giving birth to me. Nine pound little (well, actually rather large) me, with all the screaming and the crying that a good old-fashioned birth brings. Except that I came out quite quickly; my parents always joke that I popped out just in time for tea. Even then, I knew the importance of a good cuppa in the afternoon.

    But my birth is far from where my mother’s role ended. In fact, it grew and expanded, and continues to do so now (even as she lives an ocean away). My mum is my rock, my foundation. She’s the shoulder that will always take my tears, she’s the laugh that will always join me in celebration. And, increasingly, I get to fulfill a bit of that role for her as well. As I mature, so does our relationship, to the point where I can start to return her ever-ready support.

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  7. WoW! Here we come...


    In the Tea People family, we are all about empowerment, togetherness, and celebrating the wonderful things the world has to offer.

    That is why we are so excited to join, for the second year in a row, the WoW - Women of the World Festival at the Southbank Centre in London this March. We will be celebrating all of the wonderful achievements of women and girls around the world; uniting with speakers, musicians, performers, other vendors and people just like you!

    While the festival will be a very joyous event, it will also be a chance to take a good hard look at the challenges that still face women and girls today, and work together to figure out solutions to these obstacles. Through our work in Darjeeling, we are aware of the many issues still facing women and girls, but are keen to celebrate and unlock all of the talent the world has to offer.

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  8. Share the Love with Tea for V-Day

    summer romance

    A lot of people say that Valentine’s Day is a gimmicky holiday, one that is solely advertised for the point of, well, advertising. A Hallmark Holiday, as it’s known in the United States, emphasizing the commercialized nature that most consider Valentine’s Day to have.

    But here at Tea People we have another way of thinking about it.

    February is cold, dark, and often sprinkled with rain and snow. The days are short and the time seems long before the warmth and hope of summer is finally upon us again. So that’s where this holiday comes in.

    Valentine’s Day is a chance to escape the dreary depths of February for just one day, dedicating the whole 24 hours to the one you love. It brings warmth, happiness and affection to an otherwise difficult time of year. And we think that’s a holiday worth celebrating!

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  9. Great Taste 2014 reveals new stars and Tea People is a winner



    The world’s largest blind-tasted food awards Great Taste, has just released the stars of 2014 and Tea People is amongst the producers celebrating, as our Choco Mint Rooibos is now able to proudly carry the little gold and black Great Taste logo.

    Judged by over 400 of the most demanding palates including Masterchef judge and restaurant critic Charles Champion, BBC Food Programme presenter Sheila Dillon, Great British Bake Off winner Frances Quinn, MasterChef 2013 Natalie Coleman, food buyers from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Whole Food Markets, and chefs including Michelin Star chef Russell Brown, Great Taste is widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers.   

    Being a new company, this was the first time we had entered the Great Taste Awards and we are really proud of this achievement. This award now places our teas at the top 6.95% of all 10,000 top products judged and puts us at par with the finest food and drinks companies in the UK. 

    Great Taste is simply about taste, not clever branding or smart packaging.  Judges are presented with a spoonful of jam, a pie, a slice of salami, or a cup of tea, with no wrappings, jars or marks – and they taste, confer and re-taste before making the decision on whether a product should be a 1-, 2- or 3-star winner.  In total more than 12 judges will have tasted and commented on each product.

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  10. Desi Masala Chai review


    Desi Masala chai


    Here are a couple of reviews of our Desi Masala Chai by some of the most popular tea bloggers out there:

    Ingredients: Premium Assam black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. May contain nuts.
    Steep Time: 4 minutesFirst Sip Thought: "Warm, cozy and spicy!"Smell: The fragrant is beyond amazing. I did not expect anything less though coming from a Chai tea and after I read the ingredients. I was glad to not be disappointed. It's a well balanced blend of each spice included.

    Taste: I have not had a chai in a long time and the moment I took my first sip from this cup I was instantly hooked and started regretting not making an entire pot for myself! This Desi Masala Chai has a burst of so many spicy flavours! It's the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. It's a great pick me up for an early morning day as it's bold taste surely perked me up. It's never an overpowering taste of a certain spice which I love a lot because in the past, some chai teas for me were way too cinnamon-y. I made this tea with sugar and warmed up milk which made it even more heavenly and definitely so creamy! I would recommend this tea to anyone, especially for a cold wintery morning when you just want to stay in bed all day and not go out there. This tea is like a motivator in a cup. Go for it!
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