Monthly Archives: February 2015

  1. WoW! Here we come...


    In the Tea People family, we are all about empowerment, togetherness, and celebrating the wonderful things the world has to offer.

    That is why we are so excited to join, for the second year in a row, the WoW - Women of the World Festival at the Southbank Centre in London this March. We will be celebrating all of the wonderful achievements of women and girls around the world; uniting with speakers, musicians, performers, other vendors and people just like you!

    While the festival will be a very joyous event, it will also be a chance to take a good hard look at the challenges that still face women and girls today, and work together to figure out solutions to these obstacles. Through our work in Darjeeling, we are aware of the many issues still facing women and girls, but are keen to celebrate and unlock all of the talent the world has to offer.

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  2. Share the Love with Tea for V-Day

    summer romance

    A lot of people say that Valentine’s Day is a gimmicky holiday, one that is solely advertised for the point of, well, advertising. A Hallmark Holiday, as it’s known in the United States, emphasizing the commercialized nature that most consider Valentine’s Day to have.

    But here at Tea People we have another way of thinking about it.

    February is cold, dark, and often sprinkled with rain and snow. The days are short and the time seems long before the warmth and hope of summer is finally upon us again. So that’s where this holiday comes in.

    Valentine’s Day is a chance to escape the dreary depths of February for just one day, dedicating the whole 24 hours to the one you love. It brings warmth, happiness and affection to an otherwise difficult time of year. And we think that’s a holiday worth celebrating!

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