outdoor class in progress

Tea People, the company was started to address the issue of educational development in the beautiful tea growing region of Darjeeling. As we began working with the schools there and started to speak with the teachers, the students and also some of their family members, we realized that these children, most of whom were in one way or another connected to the tea gardens nearby, had stories that needed to be told.

We also realized that a lot has already been documented and told about the history and journey of tea and also about some of the tea planters who own or manage the immensely valuable estates. However, not much is known about the tea garden workers who so meticulously pluck the two leaves and the bud that go into our cups creating that golden liquor which we all cherish so much. Their stories are not just stories of their daily struggles, but also of hopes, dreams and aspirations. We felt that telling their stories to the world will not just help generate more support for their cause but also help tea lovers from all over the world establish a direct connection with these real tea people.

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